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Justine Skye

“I love my friends,” R&B sensation Justine Skye proclaims. “We’re obsessed with each other.” On first look, the 21-year-old seems intimidating. She is surprisingly tall, striking, and her hair is out of control.

Justine Skye burst onto the music scene while she was still a teen. Her music is a refreshing blend of Solange-style real talk and beachy beats, as exemplified by the first track off her new EP 8 Ounces: (out now via Roc Nation) “Love Song” which is a frank discussion of losing yourself in the heat of a new relationship “You got me acting like a girl” Skye tells listeners, “When usually I be bossing.” It’s this emotional honesty that elevated Skye from a Tumblr-slow burn to recording fame and legions of adoring fans, who call her “the Purple Unicorn.” She’s the songstress of the next generation. And though she is headed for stardom, she’s still just one of the girls.

“My friends are super random,” Skye says, drawing out the u. “Literally. I went to my friend’s house the other day, and there was this big blowup slide in the front yard and a cotton candy machine and ice cream.” She draws out the scene. “We’re adventurous,” Skye continues, “if we say we’re going to do something, we go and do it.”

While Skye can proudly call her friends adventurous, she may be too shy to also call them über-famous. Her BFF list runs deep. The ballot begins with the omnipresent Kylie Jenner of Kardashian fame (who Skye describes as “the most chill”), as well as a full posse of other rising stars in the entertainment and social space. “All of us are very, very different, but when we get dressed to go out we realize we kind of match each other in our own unique ways,” Skye says of her squad. “We just look like a friend group. You can look at us and say, ‘They must be friends.’” But it wasn’t always that way. “I used to not have any girlfriends,” says Skye. “And now I have an amazing group of beautiful, supportive female friends.”

It’s no surprise Skye’s friends play a part in the new EP, the title of the record taking its name from the average weight of the female heart. The singer says her friends inspire her songs. As Skye describes it, her friends are “calling each other consistently, giving each other updates on our lives, on our relationships, on our love lives, and that goes into my music.” What makes this body of work different from her previous releases? “The project is super, super personal; I’ve never said these things to people publicly. This is me giving my heart to everyone — my eight ounces.”