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From Spandex To Synth-Pop

L.A. Duo FRENSHIP Drops “Capsize” STINT Remix

All relationships start somewhere. For FRENSHIP’s James Sunderland and Brett Hite, it started at Lululemon. “We met selling spandex in Los Angeles,” Sunderland says. The two knew of each other’s musical backgrounds, but enjoyed “tearing up the town” before settling down to make music. “We became friends before we ever tried making a song,” Sunderland recalls. When the two finally teamed-up, their first single “Kids” received rave reviews from friends and peers, and encouraged the duo to record their debut EP, Truce.

FRENSHIP released their newest hit “Capsize” off Truce earlier this year, and the song was an instant hit, playing everywhere from yoga studios to airports. The song, which the band describes as a hybrid between electronic and organic music, features LA-artist Emily Warren, who beautifully lends her voice to the track, providing a feminine touch to FRENSHIPS’s masculine vocals. In a bustling music scene, the twosome tries to make songs that stand out. “Capsize” succeeded that goal. The single has recently been certified Gold, has made the Top 20 list at Pop radio, and boasts over 250 million streams on Spotify.

The LA-based duo call their success liberating, opening the floodgates for future endeavors without the stress of maintaining a full-time job. “It’s incredible to be in a position to continue making music,” Hite tells me, “a year ago that wasn’t the case.”

FRENSHIP’s STINT remix of “Capsize” drops today. The remix takes the song to the next level. The collaboration with STINT came organically as he is a good friend of the duo. “It’s a bonus that he’s a producer doing some amazing shit,” Hite says. STINT lends a tropical vibe to the single, giving a refreshing take on an already catchy tune.

The band goes on tour with labelmate Cherub this month, making a stop in Los Angeles at The Fonda on November 18.