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Kids In Paris Also Skate

Larry Clark and Dior Homme Collaborate on a New Video to Launch a pre-Spring Capsule Sneaker Collection

Friday, November 4th marked the announcement of Dior Homme’s pre-Spring 2017 capsule B06 sneaker collection. The line, to be released November 18, was designed by Dior creative director Kris Van Assche, and features slip-ons, high-tops, paint splatters, and sequins. For the announcement, Assche teamed up with iconic photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark for the promotional video. Assche designed the line with Clark in mind, finding Clark’s fringe aesthetic perfect for the “rebellious” and gritty line of sneakers.

Flaunt similarly has a long collaborative history with Clark, featuring the artist in 1995 in our precursor magazine Detour, then again in Flaunt in 2003 for the Summer Reign issue. We also were involved in the premiere of Kids in 1995, and covered Brad Benfro for his role in Clark’s Bully (2001), as well as dozens of his other stars and collaborators. Clarke’s work offers unique vantage points into sexuality, urban culture, youth, and violence. From his inaugural photography book Tulsa (1971) to his latest film, Clark has explored the underbelly of the world of teenagers and adolescence. His tone is raw, and his insights fearless. Flaunt has often been driven and inspired by similar instinct.

The 90-second clip shows young boys, models, and skateboarders outside the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The boys are dressed in both Dior and their own individual skater’s garb, and the clip is saturated in Paris youth culture—a further projection from Clark’s recent exploration into the essence and reek of self-destructive teenage skaters in Paris, his 2014 work The Smell of Us.